Fused Glass

Svetlana Gacheva runs a small glass business in Bulgaria where she’s made this lovely little set of fused glass bowls. I love the fact that they aren’t completely perfect. I’d use them for my dipping sauces but they’d look great at a buffet, too. A set of 6 is about £22 which is great value.

stack of fused glass bowls


Butterly ‘Beautiful

My mother recently bought a butter dish for the first time in decades. I thought it was a bit redundant- after all, who really wants melting butter? But it’s proved just that bit handier than struggling with a cold block when trying to butter your toast.

If you’re thinking of getting one, consider one from Charity Hofert. I featured Charity’s gorgeous spoons yesterday but I’d be remiss if I didn’t show you her amazing butter dishwoodland butter dish

Full of little details to have you coming back for more, its wonderful tactile quality makes you want to use it as well as be a great feature.

The only caveat is the price. It’s not cheap at £100. But as a one-off, collectible piece that also has a solid function, see it as an investment and maybe the start of a collection.



Nest Egg

I love accessories. Brooches in particular. This beautiful silver and gold brooch, fashioned into an exquisite nest and little bird is excellent value at only £70 for the level of crafts(wo)manship. It is being marketed as ideal for a new mother. However, I think it would look gorgeous adorning any lighter spring coat or on a cardigan/sweater. Buy it here.

bird's nest brooch


Cat Part-ay

I bought one of Nicky Mayhem’s Maneko Neko (lucky cat) vinyl stickers recently. It now sits pride of place on my laptop. I love the plumpness of the feline and the Asian theme. At only £2.49 with cheap postage to the UK, it’s a definate recommendation. Buy one here!lucky cat sticker